If My Muslim Brothers Will Just Follow My Advice


If my Muslim brothers will just follow my advice, we will be winners (Inshala), The Kufars know we get emotional easily because we love our religion, so what is the answer? how do we deal with such a lot? Allah SWT says clearly it is the pagans and the (Zionist) Jews who will hate you most in your religion, but those who say we are Christians are the ones who will be close in love to The Muslims.


No 01- Ignore all the comments by these fools, first of all they are Jealous over each other, this is a well known fact with Sinhalese, you ask any Sinhalese they will say apoi ape unde maha irisiya kaerayo – so what is the great deal of them being Jealous of us? but continue to talk with sensible good Sinhalese, it is not fair to label all Sinhalese in the same category, some of them are extremely good people & my advice to the Muslim business community is concentrate in overseas business – that means do not export anything from Sri Lanka, travel to Muslim countries and meet people in the Masjids and explain the situation in sri Lanka, and buy and sell and trade with other countries, register your company in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius etc, for a Business syndicate and get together about 50 Muslims and pool your capital and then go to Muslim countries.


Contact Mr, Hafeel who is an expert on Malaysia and there is suppose to be a superb Singapore business consultant in Sri Lanka working on low profile, who even got people Singapore Citizenship and well connected,  try to talk to some Muslims in Singapore or Sri Lanka they should know him – it is time to build our own Muslim Lobby like Israel -Israel is such a tiny population fully depending on western countries who are actually surviving  through Muslim countries, we must never insult Christians or Christian Countries as God has advised us that they are our true friends, we must in future work closely with our Christian brothers -we are the one and only none Christian faith who believe without questioning the miraculous birth of our beloved Prophet Jesus Christ, we believe in all his Miracles, we believe in his second coming.


It is The none believers of God almighty, that is people who follow religions that has superstitions and worship Lucifer and who openly say there is no God and The Zionist Jews (Please remember only a small portion of the Jews living in Israel called the Zionist hate Muslims), there are other Jews who love the Muslims and support the Muslims- so why do you worry about this 72 % (They are juji pee) who is trying to bully you? sit and meditate and make salat and duas and plead to Allah swt to increase your knowledge and unite  together – can you imagine marshala if you go out and set up a big business syndicate corp and turn it into a Islamic lobby.


We have 1,6 billion members (marshala) and then we have the whole Muslim countries which are 57 in members, secound largest after the UN, and if we discourage our Muslim brothers who are mislead in terrorism and work with our Christian brothers to end terrorism against Christians and Israel and make friends what cant we do Marshala? Look at Turkey’s power subhanala -Israel has openly apologized  to Turkey this is good, we Muslims, Christians and Jews must Join forces, do not worry about China, Muslim countries are most important for China and the whole world except to some fools like Chamika,- so do not waste your time in boosting these ignorant un educated stupid religious bigots by arguing and thinning your blood, which is exactly what they want to happen to you, concentrate more in productive matters, start from today.


I am sure most of you have relatives overseas, ask them to support this Lobby talk to all your Muslim friends and relatives talk to accountants among your friends and relatives, talk to Hon. Kabir Hashim (super economist) talk to Assad Sally fearless sincere Muslim Politician, go out meet and start working and see how Allah swt will pour his mercy upon you,  this is a wakeup call from Allah swt, to protect you from a huge financial catastrophe that is 100% sure to hit Sri Lanka, I guarantee, so do not worry if they boycott your business, do not fear them, fear God almighty -remember Allah he is= who wer kairul razikeen-he is the best to provide you with rizk, but do not do foolish things like closing shops and becoming a sheep to crafty Politicians trying to take advantage of your situations.


start by talking to each other from today go and meet Mr. Hafeel who promotes Malaysia -JB Johar Bahru is really coming up with the new project called Ishkander, they will support you a lot  as Muslims persecuted, rather than trying to do things alone come together as per Allah swt’s advice, the more you join forces together, the more the chance you can work and achieve, bring some part of the dollars you earn to Sri Lanka then they cannot do anything to destroy you. Please take my advice and Allah swt will give you victory. (inshala) Ameen.. pls say ameen.










Masha Allah great idea indeed. Yes, muslims need to think out of Sri Lanka now. The time has come. Insha Allah we can do this.


My dear Brother’
I’m agreed with you 100%. And that’s what we Muslims have to do now; I have no problem with Kabir Hashim, Assad Sally & Mujibur Rahuman (my class mate) too but take this as a team effort and please invite other Muslim leader to join.

alam usoof

we have businesses in Botswana,Zimbabwe,Angola and Namibia.We are looking to create an investment fund to invest in these countries.With a share issue in Colombo. Business range from Mining,Mining equipment,Vehicles,Fuel distribution and Manufacturing of oils. Let me know if there are genuine investors who are looking for long term returns.Only halal businesses.

Shakir Ifham

Rich Muslims are so worried, what about poor Muslims who surviving on daily & Monthly wages.

If our Muslims adhered to true Islam, no calamity befall them, look whats happening to Syrians who neglected Islam.

ameer sahib

Assalaam I agree with brother shakir,we can’t leave our less fortunate muslim brothers and sisters,this not a joke,firstly our priority should be to bring all muslims together,I would like to meet like minded brothers immediatlely, please contact me on 0772370337

ameer sahib

Assalaam brother alam usoof, there many genuine investors,,no doubt about it,but how to trust the company we invest,that’s a million dollar question,today the investor don’t get a fair deal,investor gets just peanuts.brother alaam this not the time for youto place your advertisement.

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